Pokemon Ascension - A New and Unique Pokemon Text-Based RPG for Mobile

Pokemon Ascension

Play the classic Pokemon game in this new and unique text-based online RPG for mobile.
Train, catch, and explore dungeons as you make your way to become a Pokemon master.
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Open-Beta › v1.2
New Updates Under maintenance
Game Features
Gotta Catch `em All Gotta Catch `em All
Featuring all generations of Pokemon (802 in total) for you to catch and train. Following the exact catch rate and capture algorithm of the actual game, you will be engaged in strategic situation on how to capture the pokemon.
Dungeon Exploration Dungeon Exploration
This game offers a unique dungeon-based exploration where you can catch and train your Pokemon. These dungeons respawns type-specific Pokemon and their levels vary with the difficulty you choose (Normal, Hard, Master). And lastly, beware of the boss at the end of the dungeon.
Strategic Battles Strategic Battles
This game has a similar battle system as the actual game including over 300+ damage-dealing, status-inducing and stats-modifying moves. In wild encounters, you will be able to switch between your available Pokemon and use or hold items and berries.
Ladder-based Tournament Ladder-based Tournament
One of the most exciting feature in-game is the ladder tournament. Your goal is to crawl all the way up to the top challenging trainers. You will be given 3 trainers ahead of your current rank and be able to choose who to fight, then swap rank if your win. Unlike in wild battles, you won't be able to switch Pokemon here and the order of Pokemon will be randomized. Also, no items allowed.
Unique Merchant System Unique Merchant System
Create and manage your own store in Grand Bazaar where you can sell items and/or Pokemon. Give your store a unique name and description while other trainers can also made trade offers on your Pokemon in sale.
Trainers Club Trainers Club
Establish and manage your own club or join other trainers' club. Do daily missions to upgrade your club and enjoy the perks given exclusively to club members. Participate in a club war to earn more coins and points for your club.
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